How to Use Forums

Each Subject are on the platform has a Forum Tool available for quick and easy discussions between Subject Coordinators and Students.

The Forum Tools are simple to use and offer a safe and secure space for communications. Only registered students in Knowledge Networks and Digital Innovation or Master of Education (Teacher Librarianship) subjects can view and respond to posts.

1. To access a forum, go to your Subject Homepage and click on the Forum button in the main Subject Menu.

Using Forums


2. This will take you to the Topics List where you can view the topics that have been setup for your subject. Click on the Topic Title to read posts and add our own forum posts.

Using Forums


3. Within each topic you will see all the responses submitted by facilitators and students. Click on the Reply button to respond with your own forum post.

Using Forums


4. The Forum posting interface provides you with a text box and formatting tools to add comments. Add your text and format as required.

Before you submit your forum post you can opt to receive email updates on the topic, which is a handy way to keep up to date with whats going on in the discussion via your email inbox. This is similar to how URL works Australian online casino websites.

When your forum post is ready, click on the submit button to add it to the discussion.

Using Forums


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