Using Status Updates

Status updates allow users on the Knowledge Networks and Digital Innovation Portal site to post quick, social statuses. Think of it as a mini-twitter just for students who are studying Knowledge Networks and Digital Innovation or Master of Education (Teacher Librarianship) subjects.

To view status updates from across all subjects on the Knowledge Networks and Innovation Portal, visit the Network Activity page.

This is a good way to get a quick overview of what’s happening on the site at any given time.

PLEASE NOTE: Status updates are separate to Forum Posts and are a more social, informal tool. Please make sure that you post Forum responses requested as part of your subject work in the Forum section of your subject site. For information on posting in forums click here.

Network Activity


How to Post Status Updates

To Post a Status Update, use the Status Update text box located on the Network Activity Page, on Members Profile Pages and also on the homepage of each subject on the Knowledge Networks and Innovations Portal site.

Type your message in the status update text box and click the ‘Post Update’ button to publish it.

Post a Status Update


You can choose who is able to view your status update using the drop down menu on the left.

Choose who can view your status update


To direct an update to a specific user (eg. course director or subject facilitator for example) you can use the @username function.

Simple include @username (eg. @heyjudeonline) in your messsage.

Directing a status update at a user using @


To post an image click on the grey image button and use the upload tools to add your image.

Choose an image from your hard drive and wait for it to upload into the system.

Click on the ‘Add photos’ button to publish your image in a status update.

Post an image in Status Updates


To post a video from youtube click on the grey video button and add a url in the text box provided.

Press the preview button to preview your video.

Click the ‘Add Video’ button to publish your video in a status update.

Post a video in a status update


To post a link a URL click on the grey link button and add your preferred URL.

Click the preview button to check the URL excerpt to be added. This is similar to how URL works Australian online casino websites.

Click the ‘AddLink’ button to publish your URL in a status update.

Add a URL in a status update


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